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In the grind with Mutiny


So this weekend we rolled up to Paintball Plex (which, by the way, is mega-flippin-awesome . . . so visit that site pharmacy online and go there!) to scrimmage against Tommy and his Mutiny boys, Edge, and Farside. Took both 7man squads up there to see how we fit into this whole 7man fandango . . . pretty good as it turns out. Honestly, I was surprised at how well canadian pharmacy ultram we played, especially only 3 of the 17 guys I took up there had any 7man experience to speak of.

So here’s what I know: Mutiny, Farside and Edge are straight up good dudes. We were in the grind from 12pm to around 5, and didn’t have one

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argument . . . not one blow up . . . not one altercation. Everyone played strong, hurried off the field and turned games around mega quick. I couldn’t have been happier.

Big ups to Tommy for putting together practice and to Mike for having a kickass location to throw down. Since the season looms closer by the day, we’ll be up there at least 2x a month.

In other news, AJAS and Fuse are in a few publications this month (click the links!): Facefull and X3. Thanks to both mags for hooking up the exposure and taking an interest

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in the AJAS cause and our crazy team.


got a couple of cool things brewing that I can’t talk about yet . . . but stay tuned :D

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